Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Get ready for some real wind action from this weatherman, farting live!

Weatherman caught farting live without any hint of shame. (YouTube screencap Heller32658)
Weatherman caught farting live without any sign of disesteem. (YouTube screencap Heller32658)

It seems it’s true what media people saying about ‘whatever happens, the show must go on’. Even if this includes a not-so-silent fart happening while you are fulfilling your life’s career on national television.

Watch the video clip of this weatherman who farted live while explaining what to expect for the day’s forecast. If you will watch closely, especially around 0:11 time stamp of the video, you will easily notice how he even prepared for passing gas.  Listen closely at around this time, and you are sure to hear that all to obvious sound of the fart!

And with the boisterous laughter of the people who caught the flatulent moment and taped the whole thing, you’re sure to get caught up in the hilarity.

Now this is one “global weirding” news item you should definitely catch if you want to have a good laugh for the day.

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