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What if you have discovered you’ve helped make 19 children?

Let this sperm donor tell you his story.

He has 19 children – and he’s meeting them all together for the very first time.

A sperm donor’s story has broken the Internet when he and his 19 children gather together in one room for an interview with Inside Edition. He is Michael Rubino and he describes the experience as totally surreal. Rubino was in his thirties when he started becoming a sperm donor to extend help to families who want to have kids of their own.

Most sperm donors opt to remain anonymous. Well, not Rubino.  He left explicit instructions that should any of his “kids” come looking for him, he’s available. When one of them wrote him a letter, he responded immediately.

With the help of Inside Edition, they were all brought together in a touching moment which they will all surely remember for the rest of their lives.

Watch this fun video of them. I’m positive it will put a smile on your face.

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Written by Aujan Lazaro

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