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The Avocado Proposal

Is it good for the heart?

If you decide to propose, or if you get a marriage proposal, today, how do you want it done?

We’ve heard about all kinds of marriage proposals, ranging from the simplest to the most ostentatious.  It seems that nowadays, people work hard in order to outdo each other in that department. But this latest craze is something that totally caught me by surprise. In fact, I wouldn’t have thought of doing it at all!

So what am I talking about?

Instagram user @fooddeco posted a photo of a seedless avocado, sliced in half, with a ring embedded inside. She then captioned it with “tag someone who should propose like this” with the hashtag #avobox. As expected, thousands of instagrammers responded by tagging friends.


The avocado proposal is now so popular that more and more people are using it – it must be good for the heart. They are calling it “The Millennial Proposal.” Check out these photos.


Who knew the avocado could be this versatile?


Even jewelry shops are joining in on the fun!

Every hippie girl’s dream proposal. #avocadotoast #avocadoproposal

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What are your thoughts about this? Is it go or no go?

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Written by tina

Photo: @palv.flyingcar on Instagram

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