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This artist uses Microsoft Paint in her drawings – and she’s 87 years old!

What would you be doing if you were 87 years old?

Knitting or sewing, maybe. Or growing pots of fresh herbs in your garden. How about playing bingo? These are some of the common hobbies of seniors. But if you see Concha Garcia Zaera now, she’s probably in front of the computer, painting. And using Microsoft Paint at that.

This 87 year old grandma said her hobby started when her husband fell ill. And since she had to take care of him, she stayed home most of the time. That was when she turned to her computer for leisure.

Take a look at some of her work. The details are so spot on it’s amazing how steady her hand is!


Caption reads:  “Drawing I made with paint years ago. Facade of a florist.”



Here, the artist wrote:  “I show you another of my drawings, do you like it?”



“This drawing that I did with Paint seemed nice to me,” she says of her work. We agree.



She describes this artwork as: “This the bridge that crosses the river of Valencia”



Zaera even drew where she lives. “This drawing is my town, Vall de Almonacid, that I love because I remember my experiences in it.I thank you for all your kind comments, I am sorry I can not answer everyone individually, but I thank you for the attention you give me.”

She sounds like a really nice lady, doesn’t she?



“I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful way you have received me and make me very happy with your comments, you are a charm,” she says in her caption. Not only is she very talented, she’s humble, too!

To date, she has more than 149,000 Instagram followers in her account, @conchagzaera. Her posts gather thousands and thousands of likes, too. What do you think of her art? Would you give it a “like”, too?





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