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Want to change your personality? There’s an app for that…

Are you too compliant? Too aggressive? Too driven? Lack ambition? If you have a personality trait that you would like to change, there really is an app for that. And research is showing that the change is real!

Is it possible to change your personality?
Is it possible to change your personality?

The app, called Peach (PErsonality coACH), works like a composite diary, dashboard and text messaging channel.

The dashboard, lets users see an overview of their goal, a calendar that shows their progress and their task for the week.

For example, someone who wants to be more conscientious may be assigned to do study for an hour after coming home from school, college or university. The app sends the user two push notifications every day to remind them, and if the user makes progress it will show up on the dashboard.

Need someone to talk to? Peach has the solution via a digital coach – a chatbot also named “Peach.”

Chatbot Peach might ask which task someone is working. Is the user feeling stressed? In this regard, Peach acts as a ‘sounding board’ offering an ‘outlet’ with positive feedback.

Users are also encouraged to keep a daily diary. Here, they do a self-assessment of the five main personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. An example would be like – “How would you describe yourself today… shy/quiet or outgoing/gregarious?”

Is it really possible to permanently modify our personalities?

Conventional wisdom says our personalities are pretty much locked in by the age of four. But the results of a years long study, published in February, suggests we can. The study tracked 1,523 volunteers and concluded that yes, we really can change your basic personality traits.

How ‘peachy’ is that?

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