Monday, June 17, 2024

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The Teeny-Weeny EV Pickup!

Let’s face it… not all of us need a F-150 to do the grocery shopping. Perhaps the M1 model from Lesheng might be all you need. And at less that $3,000 you’ll be left with enough credit on your card to keep shopping for a long time!

At just 3 metres long and a metres wide, parking the Lesheng M1 shouldn't be a problem!
At just 3 metres long and a metres wide, parking the Lesheng M1 shouldn’t be a problem!

Lesheng claims to be the first mass EV manufacturer with an eight year track record. And let’s face it, how many EV’s can you buy by simply ordering on Alibaba?

Pickups are huge sellers. Could the M1 topple the market leaders like Ford and Toyota?

Hmmm… it seems that price isn’t everything. While the M1 has a very impressive claimed carrying capacity of 1,500kgs it’s only 3.06 metres (10′) long! At at just a metre wide, this four seater might just be a little ‘squeezy’ for the family outing.

And performance? Well you can choose the standard 2.2 kw motor or, if you’re a bit of a rev-head, go all out with the 3 kw upgrade. (By way of comparison, The Tesla Cybertruck will hit the pavement with around 600kw.)

With it’s cute 10″ wheels spinning furiously, the 45kph (28mph) top speed could be a challenge on the freeway as that fully loaded, 40 tonne B-Double looms up in the rearview mirror!

Still, Lesheng does make some solid claims on safety:

Safer than it seems?
Safer than it seems?

What do you think? Could this be your next vehicle?

Meanwhile, over in the ‘big pickup’ club, things are really revving up for EV pickups…

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