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Here are some fun questions about everyday things and events. Surprise yourself with your brilliance (or not) and then share your result 🙂

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    How many times can you fold a single sheet of paper?

    How many times can a sheet of paper get folded?
    • 7
    • 13
    • 27
    • 42
    • As many times as you like!
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    Is Humpty Dumpty an egg, a chicken, a porker or none of these?

    Humpty Dumpty - An egg, chicken, porker or none of the above?
    • An egg
    • A chicken
    • A porker
    • None of the above
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    More Lego mini characters have been manufactured than there are people living today.

    How many of these Lego characters have stuck in your foot during the 3:00am bathroom walk?
    • True
    • False
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    How long does it take Pluto to orbit the sun?

    How long does it take Pluto to orbit our sun?
    • 24.8 months
    • 24.8 years
    • 248 years
    • 2,480 years
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    Which city has the largest land area – Tokyo, Paris, Sydney or New York

    Which city covers more area - Sydney or New York?
    • Tokyo
    • Paris
    • Sydney
    • New York
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    Does a lightly roasted or dark roasted coffee bean contain more caffeine?

    • Dark roasted
    • Lightly roasted
    • They both have the same amount
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    Which of these fruit is a not a berry?

    Which of these is not a berry?
    • Strawberry
    • Banana
    • Watermelon
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    In terms of years, Cleopatra lived closer to our time than she did to the time of the builders of the Great Pyramid…

    The Great Pyramid
    • True
    • False
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    How many humans are born every day?

    How many babies are born every day?
    • 20,000
    • 200,000
    • 2,000,000
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    The richest woman alive today is…

    Who is the world's wealthiest woman?
    • Christy Walton (Wal-Mart)
    • Liliane Bettencourt (L’Oreal)
    • Gina Rinehart (Hancock Mining)
    • Miuccia Prada (Prada)

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