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    What is a simple trick to prevent your shoelaces from coming undone?

    What is a simple trick to prevent your shoelaces from coming undone?
    • Tying a double knot
    • Using duct tape to secure the ends
    • Freezing the laces before tying them
    • Looping the laces through the top eyelets twice
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    Which kitchen hack helps keep cut avocados fresh for longer?

    • Sprinkling lemon juice on the cut surface
    • Storing them in a plastic bag
    • Rubbing the cut surface with olive oil
    • Using airtight containers to store them
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    What is an effective method to remove stubborn stains from clothing?

    trivia question about stubborn stains
    • Rubbing the stain with vinegar
    • Applying toothpaste on the stain
    • Pouring salt on the stain and scrubbing it
    • Soaking the garment in cold water for 24 hours
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    What is a clever way to prevent tangled cables and cords?

    • Using twist ties or cable organizers
    • Placing them in a jar filled with rice
    • Wrapping them with aluminum foil
    • Coating them with petroleum jelly
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    How can you easily remove burnt-on food from pans?

    • Soaking the pan in hot water and dish soap
    • Scrubbing the pan with steel wool
    • Sprinkling baking soda on the burnt area and scrubbing
    • Applying mayonnaise on the burnt spots and wiping it off
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    What is a smart way to prevent a paint can from drying shut?

    • Storing the paint can upside down
    • Adding a few drops of water to the paint
    • Sealing the can with plastic wrap before closing it
    • Placing the can in the refrigerator when not in use
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    How can you remove odors from a refrigerator?

    removing odor from a refrigerator
    • Placing a bowl of vinegar inside for a few hours
    • Spraying air freshener directly into the refrigerator
    • Wiping the interior with bleach and water solution
    • Leaving an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator
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    What is a useful trick to remove stripped screws?

    • Applying heat to the screw with a hairdryer
    • Using a rubber band to grip the screwdriver
    • Hammering the screwdriver into the stripped head
    • Spraying the screw with WD-40 and letting it sit for a while
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    How can you easily remove labels from jars and bottles?

    • Soaking them in warm soapy water
    • Scratching the label with a knife
    • Blowing hot air from a hairdryer on the label
    • Applying nail polish remover on the label and wiping it off
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    What is a handy trick to keep your car windshield from fogging up?

    • Rubbing the inside of the windshield with a raw potato
    • Turning on the car’s air conditioning system
    • Spraying the windshield with window cleaner
    • Applying a thin layer of shaving cream and wiping it off

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