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This Little Girl Suffers From a Crippling Disease.

When they say you can’t put down a strong and good spirit, this young Russian girl named Kate proves it big time. Despite her crippling disease, she’s touched millions around the world with her special talent in painting.

Kate’s viral video was first posted on her Facebook page. In just minutes, it became a source of inspiration to millions of Internet users. Kate suffers from muscular dystrophy. Her symptoms started when she was just 3 months old. Her ailment is the result of irregular genes that get in the way of the creation of proteins needed to form healthy muscles.

Kate suffers constant pain even when laying down. It is so severe she can barely raise her fingers. However, all her suffering cannot stop her from exploring her natural gifts and living a life well lived. This is especially true with her love for the arts.

Watch the viral video of Kate painting a landscape while lying down in bed as she uses her hands to paint with such great struggle. But be assured that you’ll be astounded with her finished work of art!

Last March 3, Kate’s mother posted a message to everyone online to raise funds for her daughter’s upcoming rehabilitation treatment program in France. Since then she has been fitted with a special body suit that allows her to sit upright in reasonable comfort. Her smile is gorgeous and her heart is massive!


How incredible is that? And here’s another to share with anyone who may need a little inspiration at present…

For more updates on Kate’s story and journey, check out their Facebook page or visit Kate’s website



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