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Planning a Hike Trip? You’ll Want To Carry These Mugs With You.

If you happen to a be a lover of nature or you just plan to take a trip away from busy city life and be closer to Mother Earth, then you have got to see these mugs made by artist Nancy Woland.

Woland is the kind of artist who enjoys traveling and camping. And she found a great way to still bring famous paintings with you while exploring the wild – she hand paints mugs with cool designs.

A tin mug with a big difference... original art by Nancy Woland!
A tin mug with a big difference… original art by Nancy Woland!

Any of her hand painted mug designs will suit your camping or hiking exploration perfectly as they all portray being close to the environment. Whether it’s about watching the stars at night by the mountains or keeping warm while snow is falling in the background, there’s a mug to suit!

You can get to check out all of Nancy Woland’s work via her Tumblr or Facebook account.

There's a mug for every occasion!
There’s a mug for every occasion!

What do you think? Ready for some portable culture?

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