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The Latest Eyebrow Trends You Need to See!

Instagram is a great source of entertainment. It’s a melting pot of all things crazy, sad, funny, and weird.There’s something for everyone in there.

For makeup aficionados, for example, there’s the latest craze on eyebrow art. Some people have taken it to the next level. As proof, they snapped a photo and shared it to the world. And you won’t believe the things they do with their eyebrows!

Check out some of the really popular ones. (Yes, they’re popular.)

Braided Brows

Believe it or not, more than a thousand people have uploaded photos of braided brows on Instagram. At first glance, you’d think it’s real hair – right? But do brows grow that long, enough to be braided? Don’t think so. It’s the work of Photoshop, then. But you have to admit, those braids look real.

Dragon Brows

Um, where to start? Those pointy stuff have the power to render you speechless. Dragon brows would look weird for an everyday look. However, if you’re going to a costume party, this one’s pretty cool.

Feather Brows

This one’s not too far off from the normal brows. Some people have bushy eyebrows that tend to go wherever which way. The feather brow looks sleek, dainty, and clean this can be worn everyday.

Fishtail Brows

Okay, so where does one actually use a fishtail brow?

Glitter Brows

People love glittery things so this must be the reason behind this eyebrow art. Glitter brows are usually paired up with striking eye makeup.

Halo Brow

The Halo Brow is also called the Reverse Unibrow. Despite being so confusing in so many ways, lots of people have caught up with this trend. There is only one important question to ask: why?

Lightning Brows

Whoever started the lightning brows trend must have been a big Harry Potter fan. Enough said.

Split Brows

Split brows, or negative space brows, are quite painful to look at. But don’t worry, no harm done. The gap between the upper and lower brows was achieved with the use of makeup.  This created an illusion of space.

Squiggle Brows

@melovemealot is said to have started this eyebrow trend. Some people refer to it as the “ugliest trend of 2017.” But then again, with more than three thousand posts on Instagram, a lot of people will most likely disagree.

What do you think of these eyebrow trends? Are you adventurous enough to try some – if not all – of them?


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