Monday, July 15, 2024

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This adorable puppy will steal your heart…

This puppy is stealing hearts on Instagram. You want proof? His 27,000 Instagram followers. Just one look at him and you already know why.

Wiley is a Dalmatian dog breed with a very special unique feature – a heart-shaped nose.

A word of caution: the following photos will surely melt your heart.

Wiley knows where the camera is…

… a star is born!

That’s prints on prints, Wiley. But the fashion statement works!

How can you say NO to this adorable face?

Apart from being cute, he’s into sports, too! How perfect can one get?

Wiley looking mighty dashing with that striped bow.

Yeah, we get it. Puppy eyes and all…

Still adorable while asleep! Ugh.


What do you think of Wiley? Do you have pets as adorable as him?


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