Monday, May 27, 2024

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This Genius Street Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Works of Art

There’s an artist on the loose – and he’s spreading good vibes everywhere.

Tom Bob refuses to live in a normal, boring world. Expect him to work his magic on mundane objects, turning them into works of art. He has left traces in random places, some as far as Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Dubai, UAE.

Watch out, though – your neighborhood may be the next one he’ll visit.

Take a look at some of his works!

1. All lit up!


2. Three’s a crowd!


3. Splat!


4. Would you dare sit on it?


5. Any Beatles fan would love this.


6. A friendly reminder from your neighborhood dentist.


7. Fab flamingo.


8. Watches, anyone?


9. Gotcha!


What can you say about his art? If you wish to see more, check out Tom Bob’s Instagram page.






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