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Not Quite The Ring Of Confidence Amazon Promotes?

Ring, the Amazon owned video security company, has confirmed that employees ‘peeked’.

In a straight abuse of power and in contravention of moral and legal agreements, the cameras were used to view the private lives of users. This is confirmed to have occurred in at least four instances.

Amazon Ring - not quite the ring of confidence you were expecting?
Amazon Ring – not quite the ring of confidence you were expecting?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

Do you think Amazon has exposed every abuse? Unlikely. In fact, this could be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In the admission, Amazon said the employees concerned had been fired after accessing video footage beyond the scope of their work for the company. This information was revealed in a November 29 letter obtained by Motherboard. The letter was a response to senators who were probing Ring’s privacy and cybersecurity protocols.

More recently, a whole slew of successful, high profile hacker attacks have come to light. In response to those issues, Senator Ron Wyden , who was one of the letter’s recipients, is quotes as saying that it’s “disturbing to learn that Ring’s encryption of user videos lags behind other companies, who ensure that only users have the encryption keys to access their data.”

Not quite a ringing endorsement of the system, is it?

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