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‘This is So Powerful’ — Viral TikTok Starts Debate on Domestic Abuse

Viral TikTok video sparks debate on domestic violence. (Source: @makeupbyamber/TikTok)

Sixteen-year-old Amber (@makeupbyamber) was suddenly put in the spotlight when she posted a viral video highlighting domestic abuse.

The said video, which has been viewed 1.9 million times, shows the teenager lipsyncing to Lily Allen’s song ‘Not Fair’ while using makeup to add bruises to her face which got larger as the video progressed.

Inspiring or Just a Ticket to the Fame Train?

A lot of people applauded Amber for her initiative, many of which are domestic abuse survivors themselves. People commented on her video calling it beautiful, powerful, brilliant, and eyeopening. One user even called it the “Best vid on awareness. Really hits home.”

Others weren’t so impressed and called her out, saying that it “could really trigger” and as if “violence and pain is a good trend.” A critic even wrote that the video was “not the right way to raise awareness” and another commented that domestic violence “happens to real people and they don’t make TikToks about it.”

“Not a Publicity Stunt”

The TikTok influencer soon made it clear that her motivations were genuine and that she was inspired to film it upon learning about a family friend’s experience with abuse. In the comments, she said that she ‘did not expect this to blow up’ and that she made it in order to raise awareness.

Watch the viral video below and see for yourself…


#pov your friend is trying to convince you the bruises you spotted aren’t from her boyfriend. #fyp

♬ original sound – jackiasona

No matter your opinion on social media or TikTok, it’s nice to know that teenagers aren’t only using the internet to make memes!

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