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Say Hello to Hulk, the Green Pup!

Hulk the green pup. (Courtesy of Shana Stamey and ABC/WLOS)

What was originally a regular Friday morning for North Carolina resident Shana Stamey took a remarkable turn when her dog Gypsy, a white German Shepherd, gave birth to eight puppies… and one of them was bright green!

“I started freaking out,” said owner Stamey. “I knew it wasn’t like, harmful. But I had to look it up again just to be sure.”

Before any of you start contacting the Avengers or the X-Men, this is merely a surprising natural phenomenon and not a mutation. According to manager Suzanne Cianciulli of Junaluska Animal Hospital, puppies can be born green due to staining from meconium – an infant mammal’s first stool.

Hulk next to his mother and siblings. (Courtesy of Shana Stamey and ABC/WCLOS)

The family has decided to name him Hulk due to his color and “angry” temperament. He won’t stay green forever though. With frequent licking from his mother and a few baths, the lime green color will fade and he’ll go back to his natural white. Once he’s old enough, he’ll be put up for adoption along with his brothers and sisters.

How would you react if your puppy was born green?

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