Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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When a ship goes pear-shaped, sh*t happens!

The big news right now is that the Suez Canal is blocked. That’s a USD$9 billion daily hit to imports/exports. That’s big news.

But the astounding thing really, is the sheer size of the ship that is stuck – the Ever Given! It is 400 metres long (1/4 mile for the Luddites). That’s long enough to park 4.5 Boeing 747-8’s end to end! The width is a staggering 59 metres.

The Ever Given can transport 20,124 containers in a single load!

If the ship is fully loaded right now, it is weighs in at up to 220,000 metric tonnes. And therein lies the problem! It’s pretty much an immovable object.

It’s simple math… 400m into 225m doesn’t work.

Human ingenuity built the ship and I’m sure human ingenuity will find a way to free it. But don’t expect it to happen any time soon!

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