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Have Archaeologists Found The World’s Oldest Home?

Archaeologists have confirmed what might be the oldest home in hominin history. Hominins include humans and our distant evolutionary ancestors.

Researchers have confirmed the South African cave is at least 2 million years old.

At least 2 million and counting!

Called Wonderwerk Cave, it is located in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa. It shows evidence of continuous occupation for several million years.

First evidence of fire use

The cave also shows signs of the earliest evidence of the use of fire, making the discovery even more important in our understanding of the development of our species.

It also includes other precious artifacts like early hand axes, reports the team who recently published their findings in Quaternary Science Reviews. While not the oldest known to science, they are the first to be found in a “cave context”.

The Wonderwerk Cave find will keep archeologists busy for decades

Exciting news, but it is important to note that the cave’s inhabitants were not fully human. According to the research team, it is likely that our more diminutive ancestors, the australopithecines, probably made the cave their home. While not the gambling type, the research team has also hinted that it could have also been home to the earliest known tool-makers, Homo Habilis.

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