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The Right to Kill…

I’m writing this at 21:30 EDT on June 20, 2023. The day isn’t over yet but so far, but there are already 15 confirmed dead and 54 injured from gun violence in the ‘good old USA’! Sure – there are still 150 minutes until midnight (and maybe there are some deaths yet to be recorded, but the dead currently sit below the daily average so we can possibly think of it as a good day!

In the past three days (June 16 to June 18), 114 Americans died from gun violence and a further 366 were injured. Some of the injured will also undoubtedly die.

American deaths caused by guns January 1 to June 18,  2023

You can find a detailed breakdown of gun related deaths here. Only time will tell whether 2023 continues the overall trend of increasing gun-related homicides.

With ‘only’ 22,200 gun-related deaths, can 2022 give rise to optimism? Hardly! In fact, 2023 looks set to break all time records as shown below.

Gun-related deaths in the USA are set to create new records in 2023.

Welcome to America!

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