Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Are you willing to pay $400 for crotchless jeans?

What can you do with $400?

A lot, actually. You can pay off your student loans, or buy a nice suit/dress for a job interview. You can get a replacement for your old, saggy mattress. Or enroll in an online class.

Or… you can buy this legless, crotchless jeans.

These 'jeans' will set you back $400. Can you imagine that?
These ‘legless jeans’ will set you back $400. Can you imagine that?

People have been calling this trend “bizarre” and “pointless.” Apparently, somebody had the “ingenious” idea of cutting off the waist portion of a jeans. And then, it transformed into a denim belt.

If you’re keen on having one for yourself, why not just make your own? This way, you can put that $400 to good use.

What do you think of this latest fashion accessory? Would you want one?




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