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‘UFOs are Time-traveling Humans’ According to New Research

Photograph of a UFO hovering over a city

The concept of UFOs and time-travel aren’t new but Professor Michael Masters of Montana Technological University introduces to us to a new idea — what if UFOs were manned by time-traveling humans rather than extra-terrestrials?

In his newly published book, Identified Flying Objects, Masters stipulates that the ‘aliens’ that we know – bipedal creatures with large brains, large eyes, small mouths, and small noses – are possibly our distant evolutionary descendants.

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, humans are actually evolved from apes.

Products of Longterm Evolutionary Change

According to the book’s official website, this research analyzes human evolution, astronomy, astrobiology, and the physics of time and time-travel. Given that the theory of humans evolving from apes is widely-accepted as scientific fact, it’s not unlikely that our species and technology will continue evolving in the future.

“The book ties together those known aspects of our evolutionary history with what is still an unproven, unverified aspect of UFOs and aliens,” the author said. “I think the simplest explanation, innately, is that it is us.”

Masters also believes that it is highly likely that the alleged abductions are scientific in nature — future anthropologists, historians, and linguists collecting data for their studies. After all, why settle for artifacts when you can travel back in time to see and observe for yourself?

Time machines could be developed in the future, though they’re most likely not in English telephone boxes.

Time-travel as Tourism

Other than using time-travel in pursuit of science, the professor says that there is a chance that people will be using this technology as a form of tourism. It’s possible that people “will pay a lot of money for the opportunity to go back in time and observe their favorite period in history.”

Popular time travel tourist destinations are most likely sites that are old and prehistoric, such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt or Macchu Picchu in Peru. Not a far-fetched idea, considering that the first reported UFO sighting was actually in ca. 1440 BC in ancient Egypt!

Considering the amount of fiction revolving around time-travel, it’s definitely possible that humans (or future evolved humans) will use it whether for research or for fun. What do you think of this theory?

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